Soda in La Fortuna

Soda Mima

Though nothing fancy from afar, the love radiates outward from Mari and Alvaro's kitchen to warm your belly and your heart. Cheap, delicious casados (set meals) and gallo pintos (rice and beans) are standard...

Tex-Mex in La Fortuna


Best place in town, hands down. Cesar cranks up weepy ranchera music while you drink in the atmosphere: a troika of sombreros and painted skulls complete the faux-Tex-Mex motif. But the food is why you're here,...

Italian in La Fortuna

Anch’io Ristorante & Pizzeria

If you have a hankering for pizza, you can’t do better than Anch’io, where the crust is crispy thin, the toppings are plentiful and the pie is cooked in a wood-fired oven. Start yourself off with a traditional...

International in La Fortuna

Restaurant Don Rufino

The vibe is trendy at this indoor-outdoor grill. The highlight is the perfectly prepared grilled meats: the New York Steak with mushrooms is to die for. If you’re cutting back, go for Grandma’s BBQ chicken (with...

International in La Fortuna

Lava Lounge

This open-air restaurant has become a go-to spot for post-activities lunch or dinner. There is pizza and pasta, wraps and salads, and loads of vegetarian options. The reggae throbs nonstop under a palapa...

Italian in La Fortuna

Café Mediterraneo

This delightful osteria is worth the trip, cooking up homemade pasta and pizza such as the Arenal: bacon, egg, ham, mushroom and basil. Customers rave about the personable service and decadent desserts such as...

Sushi in La Fortuna

Kappa Sushi

When you’re surrounded by mountains and cattle farms, who’s thinking of sushi? Well, you should. The fish is fresh (you’re not that far from the ocean) and the preparations innovative. The dragon roll (shrimp...

Vegetarian in La Fortuna

Orgánico Fortuna

A lovely little family operation that preaches better living through better eating, and the proof is in the pudding (or maybe the falafel). Delicious, locally sourced ingredients are used and offerings are...

Fusion in La Fortuna

Chifa La Familia Feliz

If you’re looking for a change of taste – a real change from casados and pizza – check this out. Chifa is Peruvian Chinese fried rice, and chef Martin Gonzalez also whips up causas (yellow-potato dishes),...

Soda in La Fortuna

Soda Víquez

Travelers adore the local flavor that’s served up at Soda Víquez (in all senses of the expression). It’s a super-friendly spot, offering tasty típico (traditional dishes), especially casados, rice dishes and...

International in La Fortuna

Gecko's Waterfall Grill

What began as a snack counter on the last pass before La Fortuna waterfall has turned into a full-blown fusion excursion by Scott, famous for his love of food and dogs. The new menu has received rave reviews –...

Cafe in La Fortuna

Rainforest Café

We know it’s bad form to start with dessert, but the irresistible sweets at this popular spot are beautiful to behold and delicious to devour. There’s also a full menu of coffees, including some tempting...

Sandwiches in La Fortuna

Plan B Sandwicheria

You forgot to eat or pack a lunch before your hike? Plan B. Cheap, filling sandwich and omelette fillings at this corner stand include chicken, three cheeses, and the old standby, peanut butter and jelly.

International in La Fortuna

La Cascada

This thatched landmark has been around so long that the faltering palapa roof is almost as big an institution as the volcano it mimics. It has a small bar and acquires a drinking crowd at night, but tourists...

Soda in La Fortuna

Restaurante y Pizzeria La Parada

Facing Parque Central and all the street action, this popular soda does a brisk trade in, well, everything…from decent pizzas to satisfying tipica. Surely you’ll find something to satisfy your midnight munchies....

Soda in La Fortuna

Soda la Hormiga

Locally beloved and set conveniently next door to the bus station, this open-air lunch counter is one of the quaintest, cheapest sodas in town. It does casados (set meals) as well as big breakfasts and burgers.

Supermarket in La Fortuna

Mega Super

Next to the bus terminal, on the river road, this spacious supermarket is a good place to visit before that next long ride.

Supermarket in La Fortuna

Super Cristian 2

For groceries, stop by this well-stocked place on the southeast corner of Parque Central.