Top Choice Mexican in Playas Avellanas & Negra

Jalapeño Eatery & Market

There's something special about this glorified taco bar. Ingredients are organically produced or locally sourced – or they are not going into this food. Tortillas are hand-rolled; hot sauce and other condiments are …
Top Choice Mexican in Playa Tamarindo

Green Papaya

Swing on up to the bar for a breakfast burrito or pull up a tree-stump stool to sample the terrific tacos at this fantastic new addition. The mahimahi tacos are perfection in a tortilla, while non-meat-eaters will a…
Mexican in Playa Grande

Taco Star

Three words: beachfront taco stand. Hefty beef and veggie tacos and fresh fruit batidos (shakes) will sustain you for a full day of sun and surf. Can't beat it.