Feature: Monkey Business

There are a number of stands on the beach that cater to hungry tourists, though everything is exorbitantly overpriced and of dubious quality. Plus, all the food scraps have negatively impacted the monkey population. Before you offer a monkey your scraps, consider the following risks to their health:

  • Monkeys are susceptible to bacteria transmitted from human hands.
  • Irregular feeding will lead to aggressive behavior as well as create a dangerous dependency (picnickers in Manuel Antonio suffer downright intimidating mobs of them sometimes).
  • Bananas are not their preferred food, and can cause serious digestive problems.
  • Increased exposure to humans facilitates illegal poaching as well as attacks from dogs.

It goes without saying: don't feed the monkeys. And, if you do happen to come across someone doing so, take the initiative and ask them politely to stop.