There are loads of places to stay in town. In fact, the tourist infrastructure has overflowed out of town, so that now there are lodges strung out along the roads heading south and west. With Parque Nacional Volcán Arenal at their doorstep, many of these places on the outskirts have hiking trails, hot springs and volcano views right on the property, but restaurants and other facilities are limited.

West of Town

The road to the Arenal turnoff is lined with places to stay, ranging from quaint cabinas to luxurious lodges. Most of the area’s high-end accommodations are located along this stretch. It’s not particularly convenient if you don’t have your own transportation.

South of Town

Just a few kilometers south of town, a partially paved road trundles to the base of Cerro Chato, and hotels now dot either side of it. Even further flung is the village of Chachagua, 12km south along the road to San Ramón. Crisscrossed by local rivers, this authentic, agrarian, market pueblo is an antidote to the touristy brouhaha of La Fortuna.