Top things to do in La Cruz

Viewpoint in La Cruz

El Mirador Centro Turistico

Don’t cruise through La Cruz without stopping at this oddly shaped ‘tourist and cultural center’ on the western edge of town. You might stumble across an exhibit or a concert, but the main attraction is the jaw-drop…
Cocktail Bar in La Cruz

Mirador Punta Descartes

Don't come for the food, but do come for the drinks and spectacular view over the bay in an easy chair. Whether you're watching a fiery sunset or a slashing lightning storm, it's a memorable experience, particularly…
National Park in La Cruz

Parque Nacional Guanacaste

With the addition of Parque Nacional Guanacaste (345 sq km) in 1989, the Area de Conservación Guanacaste became part of a protected nature corridor stretching from the Pacific to the Caribbean coast. Currently the d…