Cafe in Heredia

Ohana Waffle & Coffee Bar

Inside this slim, blue cubbyhole cafe, complete with pineapple wallpaper, you'll find the best sweet snacks in town. Order egg waffles and choose from 50 types of toppings. Mix-and-match flavors like chocolate and c…
Market in Heredia

Mercado Municipal

You can fill up for a couple of thousand colones at the Mercado Municipal, which has sodas to spare and plenty of very fresh groceries.
Latin American in Heredia

La Cantina

This yellow-and-red joint with two bars has patio seating and specializes in chicharrón (fried pork), with a killer chifrijo (dish of fried pork, beans, rice and avocado). The extensive list of bocas (appetizers) an…
Cafe in Heredia

Coffee Break

A simple counter-service cafe at the southwestern side of the park, selling coffee, salads and sandwiches (in various varieties including crab meat, chicken, ham and cheese), plus quiches, omelettes and pancakes.
Supermarket in Heredia

Más X Menos

A relatively cheap option for grocery shopping in Heredia.