Market in Heredia

Mercado Municipal

You can fill up for a couple of thousand colones at the Mercado Municipal, which has sodas to spare and plenty of very fresh groceries.
Supermarket in Heredia

Más X Menos

A relatively cheap option for grocery shopping in Heredia.
Costa Rican in Heredia


One of the only eateries open on Sunday, Espigas is the go-to cafe for traditional casados and breakfasts, with views of the main plaza diagonally across the street. Order sit-down meals at the counter, stop by the …
Latin American in Heredia

La Cantina

This yellow-and-red joint with two bars has patio seating and specializes in chicharrón (fried pork), with a killer chifrijo (fried pork, beans, rice, avocado). The extensive list of bocas (appetizers) are worth a n…