Costa Rican in Guápiles & Around

Soda Yurifer

It has lime-green walls and a cafeteria feel, but this clean, simple soda (lunch counter) sells good, cheap casados (with chicken, Mexican-style meat or pork, or fajita style), and fried rice with shrimp, beef or bo…
Costa Rican in Guápiles & Around

Restaurante El Yugo de Mi Tata

It doesn't look like much, but there's a reason this is truck-stop heaven. Strategically placed just below Hwy 32's tortuous climb into Parque Nacional Braulio Carrillo (13km west of Guápiles), it's the perfect stop…
Costa Rican in Guápiles & Around

Chicharronera El Rubio

The clutter of pick-up trucks out front is a clue that you've stumbled on this popular family eatery serving grilled fish, roasted meats and bocas (savory bar snacks). Try the ribs, fajitas or ceviche served with ch…
Cafe in Guápiles & Around

Rustic House

This independent coffee, shake and smoothie shop has wrought-iron chairs and faux plants. The open-air patio is a good spot to eat breakfast or grab an ice cream and watch Guápiles life go by. Find it next to a bran…
Soda in Guápiles & Around

Soda Buenos Aires

Situated 600m west of Taco Bell on the south side of the main highway, this popular soda (informal lunch counter) is a good bet for early breakfasts (rice, beans and eggs) and affordable casados.
Costa Rican in Guápiles & Around

Hotel Irdama Restaurant

The small restaurant attached to Hotel Irdama serves breakfast and tasty casados (set meals), plus hamburgers, sandwiches and gallos (beans and rice).
Supermarket in Guápiles & Around

Más X Menos

This huge supermarket is 800m northeast of the bus terminal, along Guápiles' eastbound main street.