Top things to do in El Castillo

Top Choice Cafe in El Castillo

La Ventanita

La Ventanita is the ‘little window’ where you place your order. Soon enough, you’ll be devouring the best chifrijo (rice and pinto beans with fried pork, capped with fresh tomato salsa and corn chips) that you’ve ev…
Zoo in El Castillo

Arenal EcoZoo

This snake house offers a hands-on animal experience, as in, handling and milking a venomous snake. It is also home to a red-tailed boa (one of the largest snakes in the world), as well as frogs, amphibious lizards,…
Wildlife Reserve in El Castillo

El Castillo-Arenal Butterfly Conservatory

More than just a butterfly conservatory (although it has one of the largest butterfly exhibitions in Costa Rica). Altogether there are six domed habitats, a ranarium, an insect museum, a medicinal herb garden, and a…
Fusion in El Castillo

Fusion Grill

Set in an open-air dining room with an incredible vista of the volcano, Fusion Grill shows off a little swank (at least, more than other restaurants in El Castillo). Chef Adrian Ramirez whips up a mean parillada mix…
Bar in El Castillo

Howlers Bar & Grill

This lakefront bar is a fun choice for a night out drinking in El Castillo. (Good thing, as it’s your only choice.) The American-style pub grub is excellent, as is the cold draught beer. It’s a popular place for the…
Bakery in El Castillo

La Gavilana Herbs & Art

Meet Tomas and Hannah. He’s Czech and makes the hot sauce and vinegar; she’s American and bakes the cookies and breads. Their place, southwest of El Castillo, is decked with paintings (Hannah), while the grounds con…
Costa Rican in El Castillo

La Mesa de Mama

Sit down at the picnic tables for Mama’s tasty, tipica home cooking. A good old-fashioned Tico soda, across the street from the Hummingbird's Nest.