Top Choice Waterfall in Dominical

Cataratas Nauyaca

This center, owned and operated by a Costa Rican family, is home to the coast's most impressive waterfalls, which cascade through a protected reserve of both primary and secondary forest. The family runs horseback-r…
Top Choice Nature Reserve in Dominical

Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary

Around 1.5km east and uphill from Dominical, this wildlife sanctuary takes in injured and orphaned animals as well as illegal pets. Its mission is to rehabilitate those that can be and reintroduce them to the wild, …
Zoo in Dominical

Parque Reptilandia

Seven kilometers up the Dominical–San Isidro road, this reptile haven is the closest thing humans have to Jurassic Park. It's got everything from crocodiles to turtles and snakes to poison-dart frogs, and our favori…
Waterfall in Dominical

Baru Waterfall Tours

A second option for accessing Cataratas Nauyaca, the hike from this alternative entrance only takes 25 minutes.