Cinco Ceibas private rainforest reserve at Finca Pangola, a 4.2 square mile reforestation project in Pangola, Costa Rica.

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Cinco Ceibas

Sarapiquí Valley

Finca Pangola (11 sq km) contains a swathe of dense, green primary rainforest, home to some of the country's oldest and largest trees. Including, yes, five glorious ceiba trees that you'll see as you walk 1.2km along the raised wooden jungle boardwalk. The stroll is paired with horseback riding, kayaking or an ox-cart ride for a carefully choreographed adventure.

Cinco Ceibas offers transportation for day-trippers from San José or La Fortuna. If you have your own wheels, it’s a one-hour drive on mostly gravel roads from La Virgen. From the highway north of town, take the turn off to Pueblo Nuevo.

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