Top things to do

Animal Sanctuary in Cañas

Las Pumas

This wild animal shelter was started in the 1960s by the late Lilly Hagnauer, a Swiss environmentalist. It’s the largest shelter of its kind in Latin America, housing big cats including pumas, jaguars, ocelots, jagu…
Church in Cañas

Iglesia de Cañas

An unexpected architectural landmark in this otherwise innocuous town, this Catholic church was designed by famed local painter Otto Apuy. The church (and its 30m belfry) is covered from top to bottom in psychedelic…
Costa Rican in Cañas

Rincón Corobicí

A great lunch stop, this attractive Swiss-run restaurant is 4km north of Cañas on the banks of the Río Corobicí. A terrace provides river and garden views, and a short trail follows the riverbank, where you can take…
Supermarket in Cañas


Pick up some picnic supplies or shop for your self-catering needs. Conveniently located next to Caña Brava Inn and a Banco Popular ATM.
Supermarket in Cañas


Stock up on snacks and water for your trip to Palo Verde, or wherever you are headed.