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Getting There & Away

About 6km northwest of Cañas, a paved road branches off the Interamericana and heads north to Upala, passing between Volcán Miravalles to the west and Volcán Tenorio to the east. Smack dab in the middle of these mighty volcanoes sits Bijagua. It’s about 40km north of Cañas and 27km south of Upala. There is no gas here: fill your tank before you arrive.

Buses between San José and Upala stop in Bijagua (US$8, four daily). There are also local buses (US$2, 45 minutes) making the circuit from Cañas to Upala, stopping here. There are also frequent services to Bagaces (US$3, one hour), from where you can continue to the thermal baths of Volcán Miravalles.

A relatively new road bisecting the Tenorio National Park has made driving from La Fortuna a relatively straight shot (two to 2½ hours). A bus from there requires transferring in Cañas.

Yo Viajo ( is a handy app for determining bus schedules here and throughout the country.