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Coming from the north, it’s tempting to take the road from Sardinal to Potrero. Keep in mind there’s a reason why locals call this route the ‘Monkey Trail.’ The first 8km of gravel road leading to the small town of Nuevo Colón is fine, but the second half is pretty brutal, and should only be tackled in dry season with a 4WD. The Monkey Trail begins 5km west of El Coco; turn right at the Castrol Oil sign and follow the signs for Congo Trail Canopy Tour. At the ‘T’ intersection in Nuevo Colón, turn left, bear left at the fork and continue for 5km until you reach Congo Trail Canopy. From there, it’s a hair-raising 6km drive to Bahía Potrero.

To avoid the rough roads, return to the main peninsular highway from El Coco, then head south through Filadelfia and on to Belén (a distance of 18km), from where a paved road heads 25km west to Huacas. Take the road leading north until you hit the ocean in Brasilito. If you turn right and head north, you’ll pass Playa Flamingo and Bahía Potrero before reaching Playa Pan de Azúcar. If you make a left instead and head south, you will end up at Playa Conchal.


Many buses take travelers to this coastline. From Liberia, buses pass through Brasilito on their way to Playa Flamingo. From Santa Cruz, buses follow the same route but continue all the way to Potrero. To head further south along the coast, you'll have to double back to Comunidad or Santa Cruz and hop on another bus.