This 17km public trail follows the coastline from Agujitas to the San Pedrillo Ranger Station for the entire spectacular stretch, and it’s excellent for wildlife-spotting (particularly early in the morning), beach-hopping and canoe tours with Río Claro Tours. Tour operators can drop you off by boat at a point of your choosing and you can walk back to Agujitas.

Among the multitude of bird species, you’re likely to see squawking scarlet macaws and the chestnut-mandibled toucan. White-faced capuchin and howler monkeys inhabit the treetops, while eagle-eyed hikers might also spot a sloth or a kinkajou.

Scenic little inlets punctuate this entire route, each with a wild, windswept beach. Just west of Punta Agujitas, a short detour off the main trail leads to the picturesque Playa Cocalito, a secluded cove perfect for sunning, swimming and body surfing. With no lodges in the immediate vicinity, it’s often deserted. Playa Caletas, in front of the Corcovado Adventures Tent Camp, is excellent for snorkeling.

Further south, the Río Claro empties out into the ocean. Water can be waist-deep or higher, and the current swift, so take care when wading across. This is also the start of the Río Claro trail, which leads inland into the 400-hectare Punta Río Claro Wildlife Refuge and passes a picturesque waterfall along the way. This is also where you'll find 'Clavito' the hermit who organizes canoeing and waterfall tours (US$15 per person).

South of Río Claro, the Playa San Josecito is the longest stretch of white-sand beach on this side of the Península de Osa. It is popular with swimmers, snorkelers and sunbathers, though it's crowded with picnicking tour-company groups at lunchtime.

The border of Parque Nacional Corcovado is about 5km south of Playa San Josecito. The trail is more overgrown as it gets closer to the park, and in the months after the rainy season it can close completely. Ask around in Agujitas or your accommodations before embarking on this route.