Alajuela & the Northern Valley shopping

Books in Alajuela

Goodlight Books

Book-a-holics, rejoice! Alajuela has one of the best English-language bookstores in the country (if not Central America). Managed by Alajuelense Rosa Carballo, Goodlight offers more than 20,000 well-organized used a…
Arts & Crafts in Sarchí

Fábrica de Carretas Joaquín Chaverri

Sarchí's oldest and best-known factory is 1.5km southeast of the plaza. Here you can watch artisans doing their painstaking work in the small studio in the back.
Arts & Crafts in Sarchí

Fábrica de Carretas Eloy Alfaro

Just west of the town center, 100m north of the Palí supermarket, this workshop produced the massive oxcart in Sarchí's main plaza. It's the place to pick up local artisan crafts and gifts. Upstairs, Don Lolo restau…
Arts & Crafts in Sarchí


In Sarchí Norte, 200m west of the soccer field, is this kitsch-filled paradise of carretas, woodwork and painted feathers. A butterfly farm (adult/child US$3/1, phone 8776-9595) next door is open during high season …