Top ChoiceInternational in Brazzaville

Mami Wata

Hands down Brazza's best restaurant, the 'Mermaid' has the best and breeziest river terrace in town, and attracts a wealthy crowd of locals and expats with its Italian- and French-leaning menu. It has an...

Congolese in Brazzaville


This excellent restaurant offers Congolese, Senegalese and European dishes from its very unlikely location on a sandy backstreet of a Brazza suburb.

Chinese in Brazzaville

Mian Mian Ju Dao

This cheap and cheerful Chinese noodle place in the centre of Brazzaville is a great place for a good-value meal. We recommend the excellent beef noodles. There's no sign in English – look for the Mandarin.

Congolese in Brazzaville


The menu at this popular restaurant is something of a formality – nearly everyone comes for the speciality, poulet satanique, juicy cuts of barbecued chicken with a suitably hot sauce, which earns the dish its...

French in Brazzaville

Ô Sympathic

About as French as you can get, including a strutting chef who regularly inspects the tables to ensure everyone is appreciating the food as fully as possible, Ô Sympathic is beloved by expats, who pack its...

Bakery in Brazzaville

La Mandarine

Serves some of Brazzaville's best espresso and has an impressive array of freshly baked croissants and pastries, which means it's very busy around breakfast time and in the mid-afternoon.

Vietnamese in Brazzaville

Restaurant Hotel Hippocampe

The open-for-all restaurant of the Hotel Hippocampe serves good Vietnamese dishes and, on Friday and Saturday evenings, they put on a very popular and great-value Vietnamese buffet which is a spice feast worth...

French in Brazzaville

Restaurant Orchidée

Classic French dishes such as confit de canard and steak and chips are the lifeblood of this classy city-centre dining option. You can eat out on the terrace or enjoy the air-conditioned bliss inside.