Top Choice Colombian in Villa de Leyva

Mercado Municipal

This chef-driven outdoor restaurant around the gardens of a 1740 colonial house has resurrected ancient techniques of cooking meats in a 1m-deep underground wood-burning barbacoa (barbecue) on its way to becoming Bo…
Top Choice Bakery in Villa de Leyva

Pastelería Francesa

You can smell the sweet scent of baked goodness a block away from this authentic French bakery with croissants (oh, those almond ones!), baguettes, tarts, quiches, mini-pizzas, coffees and hot chocolate. It's great …
Vegetarian in Villa de Leyva

Restaurante Savia

The delightful Savia specializes in inventive vegetarian, vegan and organic fare and local eco-artisanal products of the same ilk. Carnivores aren't left behind, though – there's fresh seafood and poultry dishes (bu…
Fusion in Villa de Leyva


One of the best eateries in town, though especially notable for its Lebanese slant – the owner's wife is from Lebanon – so you can enjoy a genuine falafel with tahini (order the off-menu version for COP$15,000). The…
Colombian in Villa de Leyva


This colorful restaurant/culinary school prides itself on being 100% Colombian and is indeed the best place to sample Colombian gastronomy at levels beyond sancocho and patacones. There's a set lunch menu (COP$10,00…
Mexican in Villa de Leyva

La Bonita

This upscale Mexican hot spot does a bang-up job with tacos (COP$25,000 to COP$26,000) – cochinita pibil (achiote-rubbed pork tacos) rivalling the Yucatán, with pretty decent carnitas (braised pork), too – and great…
Colombian in Villa de Leyva

Restaurante Estar de la Villa

Honest to goodness, clean-cut cheapie serving up wholesome daily set meals with just the right amount of motherly love. There's a menu but why bother – just go for the set meal, especially if it's serving sopa de co…
Spanish in Villa de Leyva

Barcelona Tapas

Ignacio and Nina, a lovely Catalan couple who fled Spain for economic reasons, do lovely work at this five-table restaurant just off Plaza Mayor. Perfect meal: grilled prawns with crunchy fried garlic followed by Ca…
Colombian in Villa de Leyva

Don Salvador

Dig into regional boyacense cuisine at Villa's bustling Saturday market. Look for this stall, where Don Salvador does the best mute (puffed corn soup, served with a side of cow's feet or chicken thigh) and carne asa…
Sandwiches in Villa de Leyva

Al Horno

This colorful and atmospheric bistro has a menu with 12 different types of pizza, plus spaghetti, fettuccine, burgers, sandwiches, crepes and desserts.