• Banks 9am–4pm Monday to Friday, 9am–noon Saturday
  • Bars 6pm to around 3am
  • Cafes 8am–10pm
  • Nightclubs 9pm until very late Thursday to Saturday
  • Restaurants Breakfast from 8am, lunch from noon, dinner until 9pm or 10pm
  • Shops 9am–5pm Monday to Friday, 9am to noon or 5pm Saturday; some shops close for lunch

Further Information

The office working day is typically eight hours long, usually from 8am to noon and 2pm to 6pm weekdays, but in practice offices tend to open later and close earlier. Most tourist offices are closed on Saturday and Sunday, and travel agencies usually only work to noon on Saturday. Bank hours vary in rural areas, where banks sometimes close during lunch.

Postal hours vary widely. In Bogotá, many are open from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday, with some branches also open on Saturday morning, but on the Caribbean coast many close for lunch.

Most of the better restaurants in larger cities, particularly in Bogotá, tend to stay open until 10pm or longer; restaurants in smaller towns often close by 9pm or earlier. Many don't open at all on Sunday.

Large stores and supermarkets usually stay open until 8pm or 9pm Monday to Friday; some also open Sunday.