Activity options around Villa de Leyva include hiking, cycling, horseback riding and swimming, along with more extreme sports such as rappelling, canyoning and caving.


There are many hiking possibilities around Villa de Leyva, as well as some longer treks in the Santuario de Iguaque. A great hike begins directly behind the Renacer Guesthouse, just outside town. It's open to nonguests – ask at reception for permission to cross the property and the staff will lend you a map and point you to the path. The trail passes two small waterfalls to reach a spectacular bird's-eye view of the village; the round-trip hike takes less than two hours.

Elsewhere, it's perfectly feasible to hike to many of the surrounding sights on quiet country lanes. A little Spanish will come in handy when asking for directions.

Cycling & Horseback Riding

Cycling and horseback riding can be arranged at numerous outlets. Bikes cost about COP$90,000 per day for a decent setup. Horse riding is COP$25,000 to COP$30,000 per hour, plus you'll be expected to pay for a horse for the guide for each group. If you plan to see various nearby attractions, it's often cheaper (once you take waiting time into account) to book a horseback tour from an outfitter.

Cycling is a good way to access the town's surrounding sights, most of which are linked by relatively quiet country tracks and lanes.


Swimming holes can be found beneath some of the nearby waterfalls or just outside town at Pozos Azules. The most spectacular falls in the area are El Hayal, Guatoque and La Periquera, but the last of these was officially closed at research time after too many accidents and deaths over the years.