Top Choice Plaza in Villa de Leyva

Plaza Mayor

At 120m by 120m, Plaza Mayor is one of the largest town squares in the Americas. It's paved with massive cobblestones and surrounded by magnificent colonial structures and a charmingly simple parish church. Only a s…
Top Choice Museum in Villa de Leyva

Museo del Carmen

One of the best museums of religious art in the country, Museo del Carmen is housed in the convent of the same name. It contains valuable paintings, carvings, altarpieces and other religious objects dating from the …
Museum in Villa de Leyva

Casa Museo de Antonio Ricaurte

Antonio Ricaurte fought under Bolívar and is remembered for his act of self-sacrifice in the battle of San Mateo (near Caracas in Venezuela) in 1814. Defending an armory and closely encircled by the Spaniards, he le…
Museum in Villa de Leyva

Casa Museo de Antonio Nariño

Antonio Nariño was known as the forefather of Colombia's independence and Casa Museo de Antonio Nariño is the house where he spent the last two months of his life before succumbing to a lung infection in 1823. Nariñ…
Museum in Villa de Leyva

Casa Museo de Luis Alberto Acuña

Featuring works by one of Colombia's most influential painters, sculptors, writers and historians, who was inspired by sources ranging from Muisca mythology to contemporary art. This museum has been set up in the ma…
in Villa de Leyva

Fábrica de Licores

This huge colonial factory once supplied the entire region with its boozy needs. Today, the Fábrica de Licores is a museum with rotating exhibits by artists such as renowned Colombian painter Duván López.
Museum in Villa de Leyva

Casa del Primer Congreso de las Provincias Unidas

On October 4, 1812, legislators met here to install the First Congress of the short-lived United Provinces of New Granada and elect its first president, Camilo Torres Tenorio.
Church in Villa de Leyva

Iglesia Parroquial

This parish church facing the main square was built in 1608 and has hardly changed since that time. It boasts a marvelous baroque main retable.
in Villa de Leyva

Iglesia del Carmen

This church is currently in religious service and has interesting paintings in the chancel and the wooden structure supporting the roof.
Notable Building in Villa de Leyva

Casona La Guaca

As you stroll about, pop into the Casona La Guaca, a meticulously restored colonial mansion just off the plaza.