Top things to do in Valledupar

Cuban in Valledupar

El Varadero

Cuban seafood is the fare in this restaurant, where photographs of local celebrities deck the walls, and it's very good seafood indeed: the lobster salad to start is great, as are the garlic mussels. To complete the…
Grill in Valledupar

Joe Restaurante

A Valledupar institution, El Joe is a heaven for meat lovers. The mixed grill is big enough for two and features a mountain of locally sourced beef, pork and goat for the price, while the restaurant itself is extrem…
Colombian in Valledupar

Compae Chipuco

Just off Plaza Alfonso López you'll find this charmer, where you can sit under the massive mango tree and chow down on a seriously good comida corriente (set lunch), which includes fish, meat and chicken options eve…
Music in Valledupar

Festival de la Leyenda Vallenata

The city's Festival de la Leyenda Vallenata is a four-day orgy of vallenato and Old Parr whisky – the favored tipple here. The latter is so beloved that locals call the town Valle de Old Parr.