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Museum in Tunja

Casa del Fundador Suárez Rendón

The finest historic mansion in town, this place is the original home of the founder of Tunja. Built in the mid-16th century on the eastern side of Plaza de Bolívar, it's a wonderful example of a magnificent aristocr…
Church in Tunja

Iglesia de Santo Domingo

The nondescript exterior of the mid-16th-century Iglesia de Santo Domingo hides one of the most richly decorated interiors in Colombia. To the left as you enter is the large Capilla del Rosario, dubbed La Capilla Si…
Cafe in Tunja

El Salon de Onces El Hojaldre

Break sweet bread among nuns, housewives, movers and shakers, and politicians at this classic coffee and snack stop. We simply tore right into those galletas de arequipe (milk caramel cookies).
Museum in Tunja

Casa de Don Juan de Vargas

Once home to scribe Juan de Vargas, Casa de Don Juan de Vargas is a splendid 16th-century residence. It has also been converted into a museum and has a collection of colonial artworks on display as well as some inte…
Cafe in Tunja


Head down the narrow corridor off the plaza to emerge in this bright atrium cafe that is a popular local meeting spot. A series of long lamps hangs from the high glass ceiling, while a soft jazz soundtrack plays in …
Bar in Tunja


Cafe by day, pub by night, Pussini, an atmospheric two-level bar covered in wood, right up to the bamboo ceilings, is the pulse of Plaza de Bolívar. Grab the right seat at the bar in the evening and you have a memor…
Church in Tunja

Capilla y Museo de Santa Clara La Real

Founded in 1571, the Capilla y Museo de Santa Clara La Real is thought to be the first convent in Nueva Granada. In 1863 the nuns were expelled and the convent was used for various purposes, including serving as a h…
Museum in Tunja

Casa Cultural Gustavo Rojas Pinilla

This small but lovely colonial home was the birthplace of Gustavo Rojas Pinilla, who became president of Colombia in a 1953 military coup with promises of reform. Instead, his tenure was marked by corruption and bru…