Ferry in San Andrés

Conocemos Navegando

Runs two catamarans, El Sensation and El Splendor, between San Andrés Town's Muelle Toninos and the Muelle Municipal in Santa Isabel, Providencia. Departures are daily at 8am, except Tuesday and Saturday, from San A…
Bus in Bogotá


The ambitiously named TransMilenio, modeled after a similar groundbreaking system in Curitiba, Brazil, has revolutionized Bogotá's public transportation. Numerous plans and studies were made to build a metro, but af…
Bus in Cali


MIO is Cali's air-conditioned bus network, with an ever-expanding network of lines throughout the city. The main line runs from the center all the way down Av 5, connecting with the MIO Cable cable car, which runs f…
Bus in Bucaramanga


Bucaramanga's mass-transit bus system has two main high-volume 'troncales' running along a north–south axis from Bucaramanga down to Piedecuesta. Of more use to travelers are the 'pre troncales,' which are shorter l…
Ferry in Leticia

Muelle Turístico

Give yourself plenty of time to get to this sign-less and unassuming river dock for transport up the Amazon. From Carrera 12 in Leticia, cross the rickety walkway onto the island, make your way through the houses an…
Airport in Pereira

Aeropuerto Matecaña

Pereira’s international airport is 5km west of the city center, and has numerous daily flights to Bogotá, as well as daily flights to Cartagena and Medellín. Copa (www.copaair.com) has direct flights to Panama twice…
in Guapi

Pacífico Express

Pacífico Express offers daily services from Buenaventura in a covered speedboat (COP$90,000, three to four hours). There are also regular cargo boats (COP$60,000, 12 hours) running the same route. Information and re…
Airport in Manizales

Aeropuerto La Nubia

Manizales airport is 8km southeast of the city center, and serves Bogotá and Medellín. Take the urban bus to La Enea, then walk for five minutes to the terminal, or grab a taxi (COP$14,000). Delays and cancellations…
Metro in Medellín


Medellín's metro is Colombia's only commuter rail line. It opened in 1995 and consists of a 23km north–south Linea A, that connects El Centro to El Poblado, and a 6km east–west Linea B. Trains run at ground level ex…
Bicycle Rental in Popayán

Bici Publica Popayán

Free bike rental for exploring the city. Rentals are available for up to three-hour periods. Bring a copy of your passport and a business card from your hotel to sign up.