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Archaeological Site in Tierradentro

Parque Arqueológico

The park area includes four tomb sites, an above ground statuary and two museums. Measuring from 2m to 7m in diameter, the tombs are scooped out of the soft volcanic rock that forms the region's undulating hillsides…
in Tierradentro

La Portada

The only restaurant in San Andrés, La Portada can have lunch ready if you call in advance. Be sure to try the owner’s homemade ice cream. They are excellent. Also rents horses for COP$4000 per hour.
Breakfast in Tierradentro

Super Jugos

To fuel up for the hike, head to Super Jugos in front of the park entrance for fresh juices and homemade yogurt.
in Tierradentro

Restaurante Café-Artesanal

A couple of doors down Erithryna Glauci Will is Restaurante Café-Artesanal where you can get good budget meals. It also sells hand-crocheted necklaces and earrings, and chicha de caña (fermented sugarcane juice), a …
Museum in Tierradentro

Museo Etnográfico

With a focus on post-Tierradentro indigenous communities, the Museo Etnográfico has utensils and artifacts of the Páez people, and exhibits from colonial times, including a trapiche (sugarcane grinder), bodoqueras (…
Archaeological Site in Tierradentro

El Aguacate (2000m)

The most remote burial site at Tierradentro, El Aguacate offers the best views but most of the dozens of tombs here have been destroyed by guaqueros (tomb raiders). Only a few vaults still bear the remains of the or…
in Tierradentro

Erithryna Glauci Will

Erithryna Glauci Will is a bar opposite Residencias Ricabet. The second-floor deck has great views, and if there are five or more of you, you can do a barbecue. The tienda downstairs sells snacks and drinks.
Museum in Tierradentro

Museo Arqueológico

Dedicated to the civilization behind the tombs, this museum contains pottery urns used to keep the ashes of the deceased. There are also miniature models of what the tombs may have looked like when they were freshly…
Archaeological Site in Tierradentro

Alto de San Andrés (1750m)

This site is visible from town and has six large tombs; two have remarkably well-preserved paintings. One of the tombs is closed because of structural instability and humidity, and another has caved in completely.
Archaeological Site in Tierradentro

El Tablón (1700m)

There are no tombs here but rather a collection of nine weather-worn stone statues, similar to those of San Agustín, excavated in the area and now thrown together under a single roof.