Best hotels and hostels in Taganga

  • Lodging in Taganga

    Divanga B&B

    Run by French resident Lucie, who has spent 20 years in Taganga and is a passionate campaigner for the town, this charming and colorful place has 13 rooms, most of which surround a swimming pool, as well as two 'kiosks' (raised, thatched-roof cabins). There's a rooftop deck and bar that catches the sea breeze and serves up a large breakfast.

  • Lodging in Taganga

    Casa de Felipe

    Feeling like a bit of the old, mellower Taganga, this French-run hostel is the best budget option hereabouts. It's also very secure, though be sure to take a taxi after dark. It's in a beautiful house on lush grounds above the bay, and has great staff, pleasant rooms, a good bar, a kitchen, numerous hammocks, and friendly folk from around the world.