Monguî Travels organizes hiking in the high-altitude páramo, as well as rock-climbing and cycling.

For more information on activities in the region, including trekking, check out, a useful portal for planning trips.


Worthwhile treks in the region include Páramo de Ocetá, 18km through the páramo ecosystem to a spectacular lookout over the Laguna Negra; and Gran Salto de Candelas, on the highway down to Los Llanos, 8km through tropical forest to a beautiful 250m-high waterfall.

The region also offers a chance to spy endangered Andean condors, reintroduced here to increase the Colombian population. The rarely visited La Ruta del Condor, a 17km trek through Páramo de Guantiva, is your best chance to spot them, although sightings are far from assured.


There are a couple of good hostels in Sogamoso, which, while not particularly attractive, is a convenient base from which to explore the region. For more atmospheric sleeps, spend the night in one of the region's colonial villages. Monguí stands out.


Restaurants in smaller villages tend to close very early and in some places you may need to organize evening meals in advance. There's usually at least one place in each town serving basic fast food till late.