Top things to do in South Coast

National Park in Isla Malpelo

Santuario de Flora y Fauna Malpelo

The vast Santuario de Flora y Fauna Malpelo, the largest no-fishing zone in the Eastern Tropical Pacific, provides a critical habitat for threatened marine species. It is centered around Isla Malpelo, a tiny, remote…
National Park in South Coast

Parque Nacional Natural (PNN) Isla Gorgona

Covering the entirety of remote Isla Gorgona, this rarely visited national park is a fine escape for nature lovers. Once a national prison, the island has now been converted into a high-end nature retreat. The two m…
Bar in Juanchaco & Ladrilleros

Templo del Ritmo

On the bluff overlooking the sea, Templo del Ritmo cranks up the volume on weekends, when caleños come to party.