Electronics in Bogotá

San Andresito

One of Bogotá’s biggest shopping areas is San Andresito, which spreads over several city blocks. It’s packed with a couple of thousand stalls that have almost everything that can be bought in Colombia. It is one of …
Market in San Agustín

La Galería

Farmers come to buy and sell at San Agustín's Monday market. It's a raucous scene with few tourists. Besides fruit, vegetables and panela (dried sugarcane juice) you'll find clothing, shoes and bags at budget prices…
in Mompox

Casa del Artesanto

It’s very difficult to hang around Mompox watching the residents sway away the days in their distinctive rocking chairs and not want one for yourself. This small shop represents a few furniture makers around town – …
Books in Bogotá

Librería Lerner

Stocks many Spanish-language guidebooks on Colombia and the full gamut of maps, including the Movistar guía de rutas por Colombia (a color map/guide; COP$15,000) and the 12-map series of national routes Mapas de rut…
Mall in Bogotá

Hacienda Santa Bárbara

This mall is built around a colonial casona (a large, old house; 1847), making the place a fine combination of historic and modern architecture, and it's quieter than the Zona Rosa scene. It's the initial/final stop…
Arts & Crafts in Villa de Leyva

La Tienda Feroz

This great little shop features the unique art of 27 Colombian artists (and a few Mexican ones sprinkled in) and is the spot to pick up items that aren't typical tourist wares. The owners have backgrounds in illustr…
Arts & Crafts in Bogotá

Pasaje Rivas

A couple of blocks west of Plaza de Bolívar, this craft market is a good spot for cheap nontouristy buys, including lots of straw hats, T-shirts, toy figurines, baskets and ruanas (Colombian ponchos). The entrance n…
Books in Bogotá

Quevedo Libros y Antiguedades

Swapping books in hostels might not always lead to a good read. With a rather interesting selection of English literature, including some usually hard-to-find classics, browse the shelves of this crammed bookshop or…
Arts & Crafts in Bogotá

Artesanías de Colombia

In a hacienda next to the Iglesia de las Aguas, this classy shop has higher-end crafts (lots of home accessories, plus purses, toys, hammocks and some clothing), and 70% of the profits go directly back to the villag…
Sports & Outdoors in Bogotá

Camping Amarelo

This small shop sells and rents all the camping gear you'll need, including tents, which start at COP$8000 per day, and boots. It takes bookings for rooms in its refugio at Suesca (rooms from COP$45,000).