Santander restaurants

Top Choice American in San Gil

Gringo Mike's

What isn't good here? In a moody, candlelit courtyard you'll find this US-UK operation thrilling homesick travelers with a surplus of American-portioned gourmet burgers, bacon-heavy sandwiches, breakfast burritos an…
Top Choice Steak in Bucaramanga


Often touted as serving the best steak in the whole of Colombia, this traditional parrilla (grilled-meat restaurant) run by a team of brothers is all it's cracked up to be. Perfect slabs of meat from the brothers' o…
Top Choice International in Bucaramanga

Penelope Casa Gastronómica

A diverse selection of gourmet plates from faraway lands awaits at this small but seriously hip restaurant run by talented young chefs. Among the options are naan bread topped with lamb and baked vegetables, causa l…
Top Choice Colombian in San Gil

El Maná

This popular, word-of-mouth favorite is the best Colombian restaurant in town. You can taste the extra love in the fantastic set meals – seven or so to choose from daily – featuring traditional dishes like chicken i…
Italian in Barichara

Ristorante Al Cuoco

This fairly elegant one-man Italian show is run out of the home of an amicable Roman chef. Though the menu is limited (some raviolis, cannelloni, gnocchi, risotto, a couple of mains and some desserts), the house-mad…
Spanish in Barichara


Barichara's finest dining option is an elegant open-air affair with phenomenal views over the canyon of Río Suárez. The gregarious Spanish owner prepares a variety of Mediterranean-influenced dishes, and prices are …
Colombian in San Gil

Piqueteadero Doña Eustaquia

Located in the village of Valle de San José on the way to the Juan Curi falls, this place is famous for its chorizo sausage cooked in guarapo (fermented sugarcane juice). It has a branch in the food court at the mal…
Pizza in Barichara

7 Tigres

Colombians love their crispy thin-crust 'pita' pizzas, and the pies at this semi-alfresco place with its open kitchen and exclamation marks of artsy decor are piled with fresh ingredients sautéed immediately before …
Vegetarian in Barichara


An extremely popular and consciously retro cafe doing made-to-order, mostly vegetarian dishes. Choose from wraps, rice and pasta in Mediterranean, Indian or Thai styles (you can add chicken or shrimp), and accompany…
Steak in Bucaramanga


A branch of Bucaramanga's famous steakhouse.