LGBT Travellers

  • Compared to some Latin American countries, homosexuality is well tolerated in Colombia (it was declared legal by the government in 1981).
  • There is a substantial gay undercurrent in the major cities and as long as you don't broadcast the fact in public you are unlikely to be harassed.
  • With popular apps like Grindr for men, most contact is initiated online these days.
  • In 2011 Colombia's Constitutional Court ordered Congress to pass legislation addressing same-sex marriage by June 2013; if they did not, the ruling dictated same-sex couples would automatically receive all marital rights from that date forward. Congress failed to act and Colombia's first gay wedding was performed on July 24, 2013. Full legal rights were confirmed in 2016 when the country's Constitutional Court ruled that the constitution required the state to process and recognize same-sex marriages.
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