River in Guadalupe

Las Gachas

Santander's answer to Caño Cristales, Las Gachas is a clear, shallow stream that emerges from a spring in lush countryside and runs along a red stone riverbed falling into dozens of individual-sized swimming holes –…
Waterfall in San Gil

Cascadas de Juan Curi

Take a day trip to this spectacular 180m-high waterfall where you can swim in the natural pool at its base or relax on the rocks. Adventure junkies can rappel the sheer face of the falls; book this activity with one…
Cave in San Gil

Cueva de la Vaca

Located just outside the town of Curití, La Vaca is the most attractive and adventurous cave in the are,a with numerous caverns filled with stalagmites and stalactites. To explore the cave you'll need to go on a gui…
Park in Barichara

Parque Para Las Artes

A lovely little park decorated with impressive water features (although they were out of service when we visited), statues carved by local sculptors and an outdoor amphitheater that occasionally hosts live music con…
Waterfall in Guadalupe

Cascada Los Caballeros

The most impressive waterfall in the area, Los Caballeros is a thunderous high-volume wall of water tumbling off a spectacular 90m-high cliff in three stages. It's a one-hour drive on an unpaved road from town; the …
Cable Car in Cañon del Chicamocha


A 6.3km-long, 30-minute cable-car ride in eight-berth cabins that descend to the base of the Chicamocha canyon, then ascend to the top of the opposite rim.
Amusement Park in Cañon del Chicamocha

Parque Nacional del Chicamocha

Don't be fooled by the name: Parque Nacional del Chicamocha, or 'Panachi' as it's known by locals, isn't a national park in the conventional sense. It's really a slightly tacky amusement park built atop some spectac…
Park in San Gil

Parque El Gallineral

San Gil's showpiece is the salubrious Parque El Gallineral, a 4-hectare park set on a triangular island between two arms of the Quebrada Curití and Río Fonce. Many of the 1900 trees are covered with long, silvery te…
Museum in Bucaramanga

Museo Casa de Bolívar

Another piece in the historical jigsaw of Simón Bolívar's life (Colombia is full of them), this slightly musty museum is housed in a colonial mansion where the libertador stayed for two months in 1828. One room is d…
Waterfall in Guadalupe

Cascada La Llanera

While not the tallest or highest-volume waterfall in the area, La Llanera is worth a visit for its mystical remote setting surrounded by magnificent nature. The rock face juts out into the air, making it possible to…