Likable San José del Guaviare may be the capital of Guaviare state but it feels much like any small town in Colombia. It's a mercantile and friendly place perched on the southern bank of the Río Guaviare with dusty roads and a bustling grid of shopping streets. San José's moment may have come as tourism to Los Llanos continues to grow and grow, with San José looking set to become its main center.

While the town may not have much obvious tourist appeal itself, it does boast a number of interesting sights nearby that make spending a day or two here very worthwhile. These include Guaviare's numerous archaeological sites, natural wonders and its all important position between Bogotá and the Amazon, which can be reached from here in two tough but exhilarating weeks of boat travel via the Guaviare, Orinoco and Yaví rivers.