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Top Choice Archaeological Site in San Agustín

Parque Arqueológico

The 78-hectare archaeological park is 2.5km west of the town of San Agustín. There are about 130 statues in the park in total, either found in situ or collected from other areas, including some of the best examples …
Top Choice Colombian in San Agustín

Donde Richard

This grill restaurant on the road to the Parque Arqueológico serves the best food in town, with generous portions of quality roast meats, steaks and a variety of fish dishes prepared in the open kitchen. A great spo…
Archaeological Site in San Agustín

El Tablón, La Chaquira, La Pelota & El Purutal

These four sites are relatively close to each other; most people visit as part of a horseback-riding tour although you can also hike up here from town. Don't miss La Chaquira, with divinities carved into the mountai…
Archaeological Site in San Agustín

Alto de las Piedras

This site is 7km north of Isnos and has tombs lined with stone slabs, some of which still show traces of red, black and yellow coloring. One of the most famous statues, known as Doble Yo, is here; look carefully as …
Colombian in San Agustín

Altos de Yerba Buena

On a hillside on the way to the Parque Arqueológico, this cute little restaurant uses produce from its own organic garden to cook well-prepared Colombian and international dishes with delicious sides. The diminutive…
Archaeological Site in San Agustín

Alto de los Ídolos

Located across the Río Magdalena 4km southwest of San José de Isnos (a clutch of houses 26km northeast of the town of San Agustín), this is the second-most important archaeological park in the region. It's home to t…
Colombian in San Agustín

El Fogón

A local institution, El Fogón offers big portions of Colombian favorites and an excellent-value set lunch (COP$8000) all prepared over a wood-fired grill in the open kitchen. There is another branch close to the Par…
Cafe in San Agustín

Macizo Coffee

On the central plaza, this popular cafe offers a wide variety of beverages using certified coffee from local farms and also serves tasty light meals. There are another couple of branches in the Parque Arqueológico.
Cafe in San Agustín

El Faro

This laid-back cafe-bar has an arty vibe that's conducive to conversation over beers or cocktails. It also serves up San Agustín's best pizzas (COP$12,000 to COP$19,000) from the wood-burning oven in the courtyard.
Market in San Agustín

La Galería

Farmers come to buy and sell at San Agustín's Monday market. It's a raucous scene with few tourists. Besides fruit, vegetables and panela (dried sugarcane juice) you'll find clothing, shoes and bags at budget prices…