Top Choice Coffee in Salento

Café Jesús Martín

Expert baristas at this cafe serve top-quality espresso, drips and filtered brews from beans roasted and prepared in the owner's factory. It's got a distinctly upper-crust feel to it; don't expect to see too many lo…
Bar in Salento

Billar Danubio Hall

This is every Latin small-town fantasy rolled into one. Old men in ponchos and cowboy hats sip aguardiente (anise-flavored liquor) as they play dominoes, with vallenato tunes playing in the background and younger lo…
Bar in Salento

Fonda Donde Mi Apá

A local institution, this is the place where hardworking mountain folk come to get seriously smashed after a tough day at work. The cozy interior is full of assorted antiques/trinkets from all over the Zona Cafetera…