Top Choice American in San Gil

Gringo Mike's

What isn't good? In a moody, candlelit courtyard, you'll find this US-UK operation thrilling homesick travelers with a surplus of American-portioned gourmet burgers, bacon-heavy sandwiches, breakfast burritos and Fr…
Top Choice American in Bogotá

La Condesa Irina Lazaar

This small, unsigned 10-table eatery run by a hands-on Mexican-American from California caters to bohos, judges, elected officals and ambassadors in the know. It's named after a forgettable American Western, Shalako…
Burgers in Bogotá

Home Burger

What some say is the pinnacle of Bogotá's off-the-charts burger wars, hipster-ish Home Burger eschews gourmet nonsense for down-home simplicity: folks line up for single or double patties with cheese and/or bacon; s…
Burgers in San José del Guaviare


With its tables outside on the street sheltered by the market awning, Nomada looks at first glance to be just like any small comida corriente, but one look at the menu will tell you otherwise. There's a selection of…
American in Salento


Get your gringo on at this hugely popular little diner serving big portions of American classics to homesick travelers. Take your pick from excellent burgers, wings, burritos or nachos and top it off with one of the…
Tex-Mex in Bogotá

Salto de Ángel

A great Parque 93 location means this long-standing hotspot has reached classic status. It's a raised restaurant with cavernous rooms topped with bamboo poles and huge windows overlooking the park. It’s probably jus…
Burgers in Santa Marta

Radio Burger

This curious little restaurant is actually the site of Santa Marta's first-ever radio station, and it's now a burger-producing homage to the fact, crammed with antique radios. The burgers are delicious and there's a…
Burgers in Bogotá

El Corral Gourmet

This great Bogotá burger spot makes for a nice layover while visiting Centro Cultural Gabriel García Márquez. There's good food and drinks deal during Happy Hour (from 3pm to 7pm Monday to Friday).
Burgers in Bogotá

El Corral

Part of the El Corral and El Corral Gourmet empire – these are seriously tasty homegrown fast-food burgers – this 24-hour outlet is requisite refueling for the restless set. You'll find additional branches all over …