Top Choice Lake in Puerto Nariño

Lago Tarapoto

Lago Tarapoto, 10km west of Puerto Nariño, is a beautiful jungle lake fed by the Río Amazonas, and is home to pink dolphins, a tiny population of manatees and massive water lilies. A half-day trip to the lake in a p…
Museum in Puerto Nariño

Centro de Interpretación Natütama

The Centro de Interpretación Natütama has a fascinating museum with nearly 100 life-sized wood carvings of Amazonian flora and fauna and videos showcasing the plight of the pink river dolphin and the manatee. It's w…
Viewpoint in Puerto Nariño

Mirador Nai-pata

For a bird’s-eye view of the village and the surrounding jungle and Amazon, climb this impressive wooden tower ('nai-pata' means 'treehouse' in the Ticuna tongue), located on the top of a hill in the center of the v…
Museum in Puerto Nariño

Casa Museo Etnocultural

Located in the Alcaldía (town hall building), this mini museum has a small display of artifacts from the region’s indigenous populations.