Top Choice Seafood in Providencia

Caribbean Place

Follow the wine-bottle-strewn pathway that leads to this charming place, and discover one of the island's culinary highlights. Though the wonderful seafood isn't cheap, Bogotá-trained chef Martin Quintero has succee…
Top Choice Seafood in Providencia

Café Studio

The island's best restaurant is run by a Canadian–Raizal couple and the food is an absolute delight, both memorable and reasonably priced. Highlights include the island-style crab, lobster tails in garlic sauce and …
Caribbean in Providencia

Restaurante Deep Blue

Not only does it have a gorgeous view towards Cayo Cangrejo, this place also boasts a very impressive and inventive menu. We can highly recommend the canastillas de mariscos (plantain baskets filled with fish, shrim…
Seafood in Providencia

El Diviño Niño

A simple restaurant on Providencia's best beach, this place is a gorgeous spot for a long lunch with waves lapping at your feet. Feast on fresh fish, lobster, crab or just order the superb seafood plato mixto and a …
Seafood in Providencia

Don Olivio

Serving up delicious seafood and other homemade dishes on the terrace of a local house on the island of Santa Catalina, Don Olivio is a great place for a relaxed lunch while exploring this lovely place.
Pizza in Providencia

Blue Coral Pizza

A relatively low-cost outdoor option, this relaxed place does panini and seafood as well as the titular pizza. It's also one of the few places open on Providencia's very quiet Sunday evenings.