Providencia has just one circular road around it, with a few offshoots down to the beach or into the hillside. Renting a scooter (COP$70,000 for 24 hours) or a golf buggy (COP$130,000 for eight hours) from Providencia Tours is highly recommended to help make the most of your time. Note that local road signs use the English names (South West Bay, Fresh Water Bay, Manchaneel Bay), rather than the far more colloquially used Spanish ones, which can be confusing.

From the Airport

Vehicles congregate at the airport waiting for incoming flights and ask for a steep flat fare of COP$25,000 for any distance. If you're keen to save cash, walk a bit further from the airport and wave down a colectivo or pickup truck passing along the road; there's a standard COP$2500 fare. This might not be the best solution if you are carrying lots of bags, though. Aguadulce and Bahía Suroeste are a 15-minute ride by colectivo from the airport.