Bogotá to Bogotá

  • 2 Weeks

Welcome to Colombia! Cosmopolitan cities, looming mountains, colonial villages, verdant jungles and Caribbean beaches await. Pulling off this itinerary requires fifth gear and copious amounts of caffeine – good thing you're in the land of coffee!

Take a day or two in Bogotá, Colombia's Gotham City, admiring La Candelaria (its colonial center), the best of myriad museums, and world-class food and nightlife. Shake off the hangover a few hours north in the calming colonial villages of Villa de Leyva and Barichara, both miraculously preserved and picturesque. Take a day to walk the historic El Camino Real to Guane. Bus to San Gil to pick up the long bus ride to Santa Marta, from where you can access Parque Nacional Natural (PNN) Tayrona – linger on the park's otherworldly beaches for a few days. Continue southwest along the Caribbean coast to Cartagena, Colombia's crown jewel – a postcard-perfect old city chock-full of colonial romance. It's another long bus ride (or a quicker flight) to Medellín, where again you're faced with Colombia on overdrive: culture, cuisine and beer, paisa-style. Raise a toast to El Dorado and exit via Bogotá, bowled over by Colombia's hospitality.