Pereira attractions

Museum in Pereira

Museo de Arte de Pereira

Arguably the best art museum in the region (bar Medellín's offerings), this place showcases thought-provoking exhibits by Colombian and South American artists. Exhibitions change three or four times per year.
Gardens in Pereira

Jardín Botánico

Within the grounds of the Universidad Tecnológia de Pereira, the botanic gardens has orchids, exotic bamboos, hummingbirds and medicinal plants, and offers a welcome respite from the hustle and bustle of the city. E…
Monument in Pereira

Bolívar Desnudo

The centerpiece of Plaza de Bolívar is Rodrigo Arenas Betancur's 8.5m-high, 11-tonne bronze statue of the Liberator, naked on horseback, urging his stallion forward with a manic passion, buttocks clenched to his plu…