Top things to do

Museum in Pasto

Museo del Oro

For insight into the pre-Columbian cultures of Nariño, check out this museum's small but interesting collection of indigenous gold and pottery.
Museum in Pasto

Museo Taminango de Artes y Tradiciones

This museum has a hodgepodge of antiques but is worth seeing since it's housed in a meticulously restored casona (large house) from 1623, reputedly the oldest surviving two-story house in Colombia.
Cafe in Pasto

Salón Guadalquivir

This cozy cafe on the plaza serves classic pastuso plates, including empanadas de anejo (small fried pastries), quimbilitos (sweet pastries of raisin, vanilla and sweet corn) and envueltas de chocolo (sweet corn cak…
in Pasto

La Merced

This big bustling cafeteria is hugely popular, and does everything from hamburgers to lobster. It offers an everchanging roster of daily specials (COP$12,500 to COP$14,000). The streetside bakery sells the obligator…
Cafe in Pasto


This fancy bakery-cafe does gourmet sandwiches, omelets and salads. The cakes are stupendous, and it does enormous ice-cream sundaes and serves real espresso coffee. Enough to satisfy even the most jaded traveler's …
Colombian in Pasto

Asadero de Cuyes Pinzón

Pastusos get dressed up to eat at this place about 1.5km north of the center of town. There's only one thing on the menu: asado de cuy (grilled guinea pig). The best way to get the meat off the bone is to eat with y…
in Pasto

Capitán Nirvana

A good bar on Calle 20 (along the stretch known as Av de Estudiantes), which is the place for rock ’n’ roll in Pasto (the name is a reference to Metallica).
in Pasto

Andina Peña Bar

On the weekends, don’t miss the live, amplified Andean panpipe music at Andina Peña Bar. Get here before 10pm if you want a seat.
Arts & Crafts in Pasto

Barniz de Pasto Obando

Purchase traditional wooden crafts decorated with vegetable resin at this showroom.
in Pasto

Plaza de Bomboná

Plaza de Bomboná is a covered market with craft shops that sell bargain leathergoods, plus lechona (stuffed pig) if you get the munchies for some roast pork.