Checking flights...


Aeropuerto Antonio Nariño, 33km north of the city on the road to Cali, has several daily flights to Bogotá and a single one to Cali. Colectivos (COP$11,000, 45 minutes) for the airport leave from Plaza de Nariño at the corner of Calle 18 and Carrera 25. A taxi will cost around COP$40,000.


The bus terminal is 2km south of the city center. Frequent buses, minibuses and colectivos go to Ipiales (COP$9000, 1½ to two hours); sit on the left for better views. Pickups and colectivos also run to Mocoa via the spectacular and sometimes frightening Trampolín de la Muerte (COP$35,000, six hours); get an early morning ride. Plenty of buses ply the spectacular road to Cali (COP$32,000 to COP$40,000, nine hours). These buses will also drop you off in Popayán (COP$30,000, six hours). More than a dozen direct buses depart daily to Bogotá (COP$140,000, 20 hours).