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Top Choice Italian in Pamplona


Who knows how an actual Italian ended up here, but he did, and now there is great pizza and pasta to show for it. Oddly, though, the classics are missing (where is the pizza margarita?), but what's here, somewhat cu…
Museum in Pamplona

Museo Arquidiocesano de Arte Religios

Features religious art comprising paintings, statues and altarpieces collected from the region. There is an especially impressive silver collection.
Museum in Pamplona

Museo de Arte Moderno Ramírez Villamizar

In a 450-year-old mansion, this museum has about 40 works by Eduardo Ramírez Villamizar, one of Colombia's most outstanding artists, born in Pamplona in 1923. The collection gives an insight into his artistic develo…
Museum in Pamplona

Casa Anzoátegui

A disappointing museum related to the crucial events surrounding General José Antonio Anzoátegui, the Venezuelan hero of the independence campaign who fought under Bolívar. His strategic abilities largely contribute…
Museum in Pamplona

Casa Colonial

One of the oldest buildings in town, Casa Colonial dates from the early Spanish days. The collection includes some pre-Columbian pottery, colonial sacred art, artifacts of several indigenous communities including th…
in Pamplona

Juanrry’s Pollo Broaster

Reasonably priced roasted chicken is what you’ll find here. Check out the various caricatures on the walls and see Juanrry the Chicken posing with the likes of Shakira, Michael Jackson and Mick Jagger.
in Pamplona

El Palacio Chino

While not particularly atmospheric, this Colombian attempt at Oriental cooking produces some fresh and hot dishes of soups, noodles and steamed veggies.
Religious in Pamplona

Semana Santa

The town is known nationwide for its solemn celebrations.
Cultural in Pamplona

Fiestas del Grito de Independencia

Also called the Fiestas de Pamplona, the feast is celebrated for two weeks preceding July 4, commemorating the day when Pamplona rebels declared their independence from Spain on July 4, 1810. The festival features c…
Cafe in Pamplona

London Coffee

The town's best cafe, a small and trendy little number with good espresso, cocktails, imported beers, sweet and savory waffles, tapas and a gourmet michelada menu.