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Getting There & Away

Pamplona's bus terminal is just 750m east of the main square.

Pamplona is on the Bucaramanga–Cúcuta route. Cotranal goes to Cúcuta (COP$17,000, two hours) every 30 minutes. There are regular Bucaramanga buses (COP$25,000, four hours). There are several direct buses per day to Bogotá (COP$65,000, 14 hours) as well as the Caribbean coast. For Ocaña, for onward travel to Playa de Belén, switch in Cúcuta, where Cootraunidos buses depart every 30 minutes for Ocaña (COP$35,000, five hours).

Right-hand-side bus windows afford dramatic views along the spectacular road from Bucaramanga to Pamplona. Passengers prone to motion or altitude sickness should consider taking motion-sickness medication. And bring a sweater.