Top things to do in Pacific Coast

National Park in Isla Malpelo

Santuario de Flora y Fauna Malpelo

The vast Santuario de Flora y Fauna Malpelo, the largest no-fishing zone in the Eastern Tropical Pacific, provides a critical habitat for threatened marine species. It is centered around Isla Malpelo, a tiny, remote…
Wildlife Reserve in El Valle

Estación Septiembre

On Playa Cuevita, 5km south of El Valle along the coast, is the turtle-nesting sanctuary and research station of Estación Septiembre. From June to December sea turtles arrive to lay eggs. The best time to see them i…
National Park in South Coast

Parque Nacional Natural (PNN) Isla Gorgona

Covering the entirety of remote Isla Gorgona, this rarely visited national park is a fine escape for nature lovers. Once a national prison, the island has now been converted into a high-end nature retreat. The two m…
Bar in El Valle

El Mirador

Built on top of a rocky outcropping in the middle of Playa Almejal is El Mirador, one of Colombia's most spectacular bars. You can sit at the makeshift tables and suck down rum while the stereo blasts vallenato and …
Seafood in Bahía Solano

La Casa Negra

In a wooden house in front of the children's park a block back from the bay, this unsigned restaurant is hugely popular with locals for its tasty seafood plates and typical Colombian meat dishes. Most reliable resta…
National Park in Chocó

Parque Nacional Natural (PNN) Ensenada de Utría

This national park surrounding a narrow inlet of water is one of the best places to see whales close up from land. During the calving season they enter the ensenada (inlet) and play just a few hundred meters from sh…
Colombian in El Valle

Rosa del Mar

On the street in front of the church, Doña Rosalia cooks up the best meals in town. Sit down and enjoy fresh seafood in her converted living room in front of the TV.
Waterfall in Bahía Solano

Salto del Aeropuerto

A short walk from the airport, this high-volume waterfall pours into deep, crystal-clear swimming holes where you can spot giant freshwater shrimp.
Gardens in Playa Mecana

Jardín Botánico del Pacífico

A 170-hectare nature reserve running alongside the Río Mecana made up of mangroves, virgin tropical forest and a botanical garden of native plants and trees. Its staff includes members of the local Emberá indigenous…
Seafood in Bahía Solano

Restaurante Cazuela

It doesn't look like much but this tiny restaurant with a handful of plastic tables serves up a wide variety of excellent seafood dishes including ollitas en salsa (whelks in sauce) and tuna steaks. Don't expect muc…