Tourist Information in Nuquí

Mano Cambiada

A community-based tourism organization that runs the accommodations and services in Parque Nacional Natural Ensenada de Utría. It also offers general tourism information about the region and can organize tours in ma…
Immigration in Bahía Solano

Migracion Colombia

Processes entry/exit stamps. In Barrio El Carmen. There's no real sign: look for the piece of paper marked with 'Abierto' on the door.
in Juanchaco & Ladrilleros


At the edge of Juanchaco on the road to Ladrilleros. Only internet in the area. You can also make phone calls here.
Bank in Bahía Solano

Banco Agrario de Colombia

The only bank in town, with the only ATM on the Chocó coast – which is sometimes empty so don't rely on it.
Internet in Bahía Solano

Internet Doña Olga

Painfully slow internet access in the stationery shop next to the school. It's the only game in town.
Telephone in Punta Huína

Vive Digital

Punta Huína's only phone line can be found at this bakery in front of the Hotel Los Delfines.
Internet in El Valle

Internet Martín Alonso

The only internet place in town. Also rents wi-fi access for your phone or laptop.
Exchange in Nuquí

Super Giros

You can receive domestic wire transfers here and buy credit for local phones.
Exchange in Bahía Solano

Super Giros

You can receive domestic wire transfers here. Opposite Hotel Bahía.
Post in Bahía Solano


The local postal agent is located in front of the hospital.