Restaurante Las Cruces

Colombian in Barichara

Encased in one of Barichara’s larger colonial mansions, this venerable cooking school offers its student-prepared food in a spacious garden patio with tables laid out both alfresco and in little nooks in a sheltered wraparound porch. The menu often changes but is perennially anchored by Colombian food with some minor international variations.

This is the place to try Santander specialties like carne oreada (sun-dried steak), mute santandereano (a broth-like meat and vegetable soap) and that Barichara classic, meat cooked in salsa de hormigas colunas (sauce of big-bottom ants). Service can be slow but is always conscientious, and the food, inspired by the inventive young chefs, rarely falters.

There’s also a small cafe.