Top things to do in Norte de Santander

National Park in Playa de Belén

Área Natural Única Los Estoraques

This 6-sq-km protected area, one of Colombia's smallest, is an otherworldly delight of eroded and weathered brownstone rock formations sprouting skyward – columns, pedestals and caves – that have formed over time du…
Italian in Pamplona


Who knows how an actual Italian ended up here, but he did, and now there is good Italian food to show for it. Oddly, though, the classics are missing (where is the pizza margarita?), but what's here, somewhat curbed…
Museum in Pamplona

Museo de Arte Moderno Ramírez Villamizar

In a 450-year-old mansion, this museum has about 40 works by Eduardo Ramírez Villamizar, one of Colombia's most outstanding artists, born in Pamplona in 1923. The collection gives an insight into his artistic develo…
Cafe in Pamplona

London Coffee

The town's best cafe, a small and trendy little number with good espresso, cocktails and imported beers, alongside sweet and savory waffles, tapas and a gourmet michelada (beer served with salt and lemon juice) menu…
Museum in Pamplona

Casa Colonial

One of the oldest buildings in town, Casa Colonial dates from the early Spanish days. The collection includes some pre-Columbian pottery, colonial sacred art, artifacts of several local indigenous communities includ…
Colombian in Playa de Belén

El Portal

The best restaurant in town prepares both fast food and more-filling typical Colombian plates in an open-air dining room under a big thatched roof. It's a five-minute walk from the plaza heading north out of town.
Notable Building in Pamplona

Casa de las Cajas Reales

One of Pamplona's finest colonial mansions, La Casa de las Cajas Reales is currently occupied by a college, but visitors can ask the guard for permission to look around.
Museum in Pamplona

Museo Arquidiocesano de Arte Religioso

Features religious art comprising paintings, statues and altarpieces collected from the region. There is an especially impressive silver collection.
Historic Site in Cúcuta

Parque de la Gran Colombia

Located about 10km southeast of Cúcuta on the road to the Venezuelan border in the sedate suburb of Villa del Rosario is the Parque de la Gran Colombia. Here Colombia's founding fathers met in 1821 to draw up the co…
Church in Pamplona


The 17th-century Catedral was badly damaged during the earthquake of 1875 and altered in the reconstruction. The five-nave interior (two outer aisles were added at the beginning of the 20th century) is rather auster…