Top things to do in Nariño

Top Choice Church in Santuario de Las Lajas

Santuario de Las Lajas

This massive neo-gothic stone church is built directly against the rocky wall of the gorge where the miraculous image appeared. A gilded painting of the Virgin, accompanied by Santo Domingo and San Francisco, has be…
Top Choice Arts & Crafts in Pasto

Barniz de Pasto Obandos

Purchase traditional wooden vessels brightly decorated with vegetable resin at this fine gallery. Come on weekday afternoons to watch maestro José María Obando at work.
Top Choice International in Pasto

El Migrante

Well worth a walk from central Pasto, this ambitious restaurant is one of several responsible for pushing Pasto's culinary boundaries beyond empanadas and cuy. Come for the handmade gnocchi, gourmet burgers and quin…
Cultural in Pasto

Carnaval de Blancos y Negros

Pasto’s major event is held on January 5 and 6. Its origins go back to the times of Spanish rule, when slaves were allowed to celebrate on January 5 and their masters showed approval by painting their faces black. O…
National Park in Pasto

Santuario de Flora y Fauna Volcán Galeras

Just 8km from the center of Pasto, Volcán Galeras (4267m), one of Colombia's most active volcanoes, continues to rumble and threaten. The upper slopes of the volcano are protected as the Santuario de Flora y Fauna V…
Nature Reserve in Laguna de la Cocha

Isla Corota

This small island is a national park, and at an altitude of 2830m it offers a rare glimpse of cloud forest, bursting with some 500 species of plants. There’s a small chapel and a biological research station here. A …
Colombian in Pasto

Asadero de Cuyes Pinzón

Pastusos get dressed up to eat at this place about 1.5km north of the center of town. There's only one thing on the menu: asado de cuy (grilled guinea pig). The best way to get the meat off the bone is to eat with y…
Museum in Pasto

Museo del Oro

For insight into the pre-Columbian cultures of Nariño, check out this museum's small but interesting collection of indigenous gold and pottery. Among the most interesting pieces are the gold diadems worn by indigeno…
Museum in Pasto

Museo Taminango de Artes y Tradiciones

This museum has interesting displays on indigenous weaving techniques and barniz de Pasto alongside a hodgepodge of antiques. It's worth visiting since it's housed in a meticulously restored casona (large house) fro…
Colombian in Pasto

Guadalquivir Cafe

This cozy cafe on the plaza serves classic pastuso snacks, including empanadas de anejo (small fried pastries), quimbilitos (sweet pastries of raisin, vanilla and sweetcorn) and envueltas de chocolo (sweetcorn cakes…