Monguí is the base for some satisfying but little-trodden high-altitude hikes. It's the main starting point for the 18km journey on foot through the unique alpine tundra of Páramo de Ocetá. Due to disputes with local landowners, for this hike it is important to hire a local guide who knows which lands are open.

A slightly easier option is the half-day trek to the Laguna Colorada, which passes through some gorgeous páramo landscapes with six species of frailejón.

Bear in mind that both hikes ascend to altitudes of close to 4000m. Acclimatize with a night in Monguí first.

Monguí Travels offers great itineraries for both hikes.


Monguí has a good range of comfortable hotels, all within a short walk of the plaza.


Many restaurants around town are only open during the day, so you may need to book a meal in advance if you want to eat late.

Drinking & Nightlife

There's next to no nightlife in Monguí, possibly due to the strong influence of the church. The best places for a drink are the cafe-bar beside the Puente Real de Calicanto and the small coffee bar next to the tourist office in the main plaza.


Since the beginning of the 20th century monguiseños have engaged in a tradition of making hand-sewn leather footballs. These days the town exports more than 300,000 footballs to Latin countries and the industry creates 100 jobs. There are several factories around the plaza where you can drop by to see how they do it, and pick up a football for yourself.